Great Way to Start the Morning

Mr P made me a tasty breakfast of eggs and sausage,  as my routine after eating breakfast I take my morning pills.  I picked up my Sunday thru Saturday pill case and proceed to get my pills out and one pill falls in the dishwater.  I fish around in the water to find the allusive pill discovering its my blood pressure pill.  Frugal person that I am I consider rinsing it off and taking it but splurged and threw it away and took a dry one out of the bottle.  Throwing that pill away was not an easy thing to do, being frugal can be very stressful at times.  I think I'm proud of me!

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2 Responses to Great Way to Start the Morning

  1. Kimber says:

    Bwahahaha! That is so me! (However Andreas Bach85 is obviously a scammer–I've remove that comment asap!)

  2. Amy Sue says:

    I think you made the right decison! LOL!

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