Our Ladies Sunday School class is supposed to put up the Christmas tree in the church hall today.  I'm the youngest lady in our class by at least 10 years.  When I watch some of these ladies I feel like the oldest physically.  I was telling Mr "P" about this, this morning and feeling a little sorry for myself.  I have arthritics in my spine, knees and both feet.  I was thinking if I didn't go some would think I was just being lazy and if I did go I would feel bad for not helping as much as others.  Mr "P" said honey you should go God knows what you can do and that's what matters.  He made me feel better and you know he is right, God's grace is sufficient for me!  Sometimes I just need to be reminded.

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2 Responses to Reminded

  1. Grandma-C says:

    Wow !! what a wonderful thing to say.snd so true. Way to go Mr. P

  2. Good advice. Surely church members would not be so judgemental, though it is human nature.

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