In Loving Memory

In loving memory of my neighbor (Free!) on Vox, she went home to be with the Lord yesterday.   I will miss her on Vox and FB.  I wish I had known her in person, I find it kind of strange how close we can feel to someone just through the internet.  She loved the Lord and liked sharing his Word.  I can tell by the responses on FB she touched many lives, she will be greatly missed.  She is indeed Free and in a much better place. 

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2 Responses to In Loving Memory

  1. Patti says:

    I too just learned of her death and will miss her.

  2. Grandma-P says:

    I would of loved to have known her in person. I was just talking to my sister about Glenda today and saying how I really miss her even though I never met her. She was a lady that had a heart for others but I don't think she realized how many people loved and cared for her. So many people on Facebook had wonderful things to say about her. Maybe in heaven I will meet her.

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