I’m a Slow Learner

Sometimes I think my dog is smarter then I am, at least he remembers once something happens to him not to let it happen again.  When he broke off one of his toe nails and twisted his little toe, his doctor put him on antibiotics.  I was hiding his pills in pieces of meat, now Peppy won't let me hand him any food because he thinks I have a pill in it.  Unlike Peppy, I forget.  Yesterday I scorched my hand on a frying pan handle.  I had used the pan as a roasting pan and had wisely taken the pan out of the oven with a potholder but a minute later I went to pick up the pan with my bare hand, needless to say I let go REAL quick.  Sissy baby that I am I cried.  I kept my hand iced until one o'clock in the morning when the pain finally subsided.  I did this very same thing a few years ago.    My hand is tender to the touch today but it is not blistered, its just branded with the design of the handle.  I vow now, NEVER again to use a frying pan as a roaster, because not being as smart as Peppy I'm sure I would be stupid enough to do it again.

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4 Responses to I’m a Slow Learner

  1. java janie says:

    I do that almost every time I bake something in my frying pan. You'd think I'd have learned by now. Hope it feels better soon. I know it can hurt.

  2. Mello says:

    Oh, ow ow ow. Saturday I dropped my (hot) curling iron and by reflex caught it against my wrist. It hurt so bad. I definitely feel your pain. I hope it feels better soon.

  3. Grandma-P says:

    Yip, your a true "P".

  4. Grandma-P says:

    Ouch, I know that hurt.

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