Gary’s Gift

My husband said if "the boys" (these are our four sons that live in Maryland and hang out at the house on Sundays after church) ask what he wanted for Christmas this year, tell them he wanted a GPS system.  I'll admit, I was thinking at the time, we don't need a GPS, but I told "the boys" anyway, too late, three of them had already bought a gift.  Gary realizing that this was the first time his Dad had ever really voiced something he wanted for Christmas meant he must really want one.  Gary had not bought a gift for his Dad yet, and being the loving, caring, giving, price is no object when it comes to his Dad (I'm laying it on a little thick here) bought his Dad a GPS.  Well low and behold on our way back down here to our home in Florida, we get about a half hour from home and the main highway is blocked my a major accident and the police were not letting any cars through.  All vehicles were being turned around.  We had NO idea how to get home.  Ta ta de la te da!  the GPS!, which I wasn't using at the time because previously I had known were I was going, now, not having a clue how to get home, turned on the GPS and selected "home" and the lovely ladies voice kept telling us where to go (sometimes its a good thing to be told where to go.)   If it wasn't for Gary's gift we could still be trying to find our way home.

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