Internet Withdrawal

We arrived at our home in sunny Florida at 12:30 AM Saturday.  Thanks to the Redskins win against the Eagles the meals on the road didn't cost us a dime.  Thanks Steve!  We drove straight through 16 1/2 hours.  Our satellite was turned on Saturday, telephone Sunday, and we were told we would get Internet after 7:00 PM Monday but alas nothing.  I called and a repair man was sent out today and finally got it fixed.  It took him about an hour, he checked the lines and connections then said he had to go down the road and work on something and then came back and did a few more checks and finally got it working.  YAH!  The weather here is lovely.  My mom and I went swimming over my aunts house yesterday, sorry, I just added this to make all you northerners jealous.  I better check my e-mail now, bye.

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