I Have a Plan

A free lunch is riding on this game, huh Steve?  I have an accomplice in his abode, for the Beloved is a Redskin fan, she is going to help me carry out my plan.

A few weeks ago a "Secret Weapon" was created, packaged and shipped from the east coast to the west coast.




I included instructions in the package, the hat is to be worn by my occomplice, and the "Secret Weapon" is to be in the same room as the TV while the game is on.

                                           "Secret Weapon"




Now if everything goes according to plan…


                                The Redskins sacking McNabb!

The Redskins beat The Eagles and Grandma-P will be getting a free lunch.



We didn't get the sack, but we got the win!  I'm sending a big high five to my accomplice.

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