I Forgot

I forgot to give my son Steve the biggest kudos for getting our computers back on line.  Steve heroically stopped by on his way home from work yesterday even though he needed to get home because he was going to a National's Baseball game.  What a sweet son!  I had tried but I just couldn't get the modem/wireless router to work with Mr-P's computer or mine.  I needed reinforcements and Steve came to the rescue.  Let it be proclaimed through out the nation that Steve has earned a gold star!

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9 Responses to I Forgot

  1. java janie says:

    He's a good egg, ain't he? Luckily we were just going for the food. Although it did turn out to be a good game. Glad you are back on the internets!

  2. Steve Betz says:

    Awww — good sons will always come through for there moms! Its good to see you here again!

  3. Steve says:

    A Gold Star?! YES!! I love those things.

  4. AshbyChick says:

    Go Steve – you rock!

  5. Grandma-P says:

    Thanks for being such a sweet daughter in law!

  6. Grandma-P says:

    I sure missed my VOX neighbors. A litte birdie told me someone is heading east. :o)

  7. Mello says:

    Yeah! Go Steve.

  8. Grandma-P says:

    I love to brag on my children.

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