Don’t Believe It



They say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot.  Don't believe it.  Our house has taken three indirect hits by lightning over the years, I say indirect simply because we have had no holes blown in the roof.  This is the third time we have had things like TV's, telephones, computers etc get fried because of lightning.  I think our home owners insurance company is going to get tired of hearing from us.  I should check our roof, maybe there is a big bulls eye up there.  On July 4th we had fire works all right, we heard a extreemly loud crack of thunder and a very bright light and instantly we had no electric or phone.  I give the electric company kudos they came out and fixed the problem at the pole right away and the electric was back on but the phone company didn't get around to fixing the phone line until today.  I have been suffering a severe case of computer withdrawal.  I can't bad mouth the phone company too much though, they did manage to get a new modem here on the same day they fixed the phone.  Being back online has made me happy.

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