Mom is Right Again!

A few days ago my boys and I were discussing two bushes that had been on the side of my house.  A long time ago the bushes had to be removed because of work on our septic tank.  I don't even remember how the conversation got started but nun the less I was right.  This is what the conversation (disagreement) was about. 
The boys were trying to tell me the two bushes next to the side of the house were Forsythia but no, they were Bridal Spirea.  I just talked to my Mom to confirm this and we all know if one mom says its right then if two moms say its so, then that's it and that's all, were right!
E-mail from grandma-L  :  The bushes had white flowers.  I'm pretty sure they were called Bridal Wreath a white lacy flower, there was two of them on the east side corner of the house.    Love Mom
One of the other reasons I'm so sure I'm right is I have lived on this property since I was eleven.  The house belonged to my grandfather and when my parents moved here we lived in a mobile home in the back yard.  My parents later bought the house and property from my grandfather and later my husband and I bought it from my mom so I am very familiar with this house and yard.
So there you have it, mom is right again!

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