Was My Face Red

My husband and I were inquiring about tankless hot water heaters at Lowe's the other day in the plumbing department.  While talking with the sales clerk my husbands phone started ringing so I took the phone, we were near the back of the store, so I walked by an exit door to get better reception. I have arthritics pretty bad so while I was talking I leaned against the door.  Opps!  I set off a very loud alarm, boy was I embarrassed!  I hope no one thought I was trying to steal something and head out the door with it.  The alarm was still going off as we were leaving.  

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5 Responses to Was My Face Red

  1. LOL. Buying elsewhere?

  2. Free! says:

    Way to go Grandma!!!! lol

  3. Grandma-C says:

    That sounds like something I would do. I'am glad you didn't get in trouble.

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