Dog Gone

Oh where oh were had my little dog gone.  I was fixing Peppy and Daisy's supper the other night and usually both dogs are setting on the kitchen floor intently watching me.  It surprises me how patient they are because it takes a little while for me to fix their supper, first they get a scoop of dry AIMs dog food then a 1/4 cup of canned Pedigree and some "people food" for flavor this can range anywhere from spaghetti, Hormel beef hash, baked ham, roast beef (must be cut up in small pieces), lunch meat, lasagna, soup, they really don't care as long as its "people food".  After mixing up the three ingredients their food has to be put in the microwave for 15 seconds to take the chill off.  Well anyway back to my story…As I was fixing their food I turned and looked and only Peppy was sitting there, no Daisy.  I asked Mr P if he had seen her, he didn't know where she was.  I looked in her cage, no Daisy, I checked out front still no Daisy, I was looking out my bedroom door calling for Daisy and I heard a noise coming from under my bed.  Yip she was under there and she couldn't get out, poor Daisy she started whimpering and from the sounds of things she was starting to panic.  Rob was out back in the garage, I called for him to hurry.  He came in lifted the bed so Daisy could crawl out.  Rob is now Superman to Daisy.  Whats strange is she hasn't gone under the bed in years not since she was a pup and now she is twelve years old and has arthritics.  She didn't waste any time getting in the kitchen to eat her supper so she wasn't too traumatized.  I doubt the old girl will be going under a bed any more, unless she is getting senile and trying to relive her puppyhood.  


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