I’ve Got A Screw Loose

We bought an outdoor fan to set on our porch yesterday, of course it needed to be assembled.  Putting things together is something I love to do, I guess its like a puzzle to me, so its fun.  It was fun until two screws that hold the fan cage on the motor would not tighten so now I need to call Lowes and talk to the manager, this fan needs to be returned but I don't want to put another one together,  I think I hurt my upper back yesterday.  I need them to assemble one for me this time at no extra charge.  I guess I'll find out how good of a negotiator I am when I call today.  Or as I compose this post the thought has come to me, maybe a little glue on these two screws could fix the problem.  I'll have to think on this awhile.  Decisions, decisions.

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4 Responses to I’ve Got A Screw Loose

  1. You are a brave person to take this on. It seems like every time I try to assemble something out of the box, it turns out badly. Take care.

  2. Free! says:

    Don't we all have a screw loose?

  3. Grandma-C says:

    Tell me something I didn't already know.But to tell the truth I have a screw loose too.But after all we are sisters.

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