I Forgot

How quickly we forget what its like to have a puppy in the house. My husband and I are puppy sitting my Mom's doggie while she is at the hospital getting some test done to find out why she is having stomach pain. Wow, what a bundle of energy. He is not quit house broken so that adds to the dilemma. Our dog is three now and so much more grown up. Peppy gets so annoyed because all the puppy wants to do is jump and bite at him with those shark like teeth of his. The only way Peppy can get any peace is on my lap (he weighs 30 lbs) or climb up on the back of the couch. Right now the little darling is sleeping so all is quiet but when he wakes up he will be terrorizing the house and Peppy once again. Just a short run down of the things he has done, tear up box of tissues, poop, chew up sock, pull computer in floor, pee, bite Peppy, turn over trash can, chew nail file kit, jump on Peppy, poop, find another trash can to get into, chew fake flowers, turn over plant pot, etc, etc, pee and run off with paper towel while I'm trying to clean up pee. Puppies are sooooo much fun, not! Just received phone call from Mom she said the doctors still haven't figured out the source of her stomach pain so she will be staying in the hospital another night. Oh boy we get to keep Buddy another night.





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