Who Knew? I Would Need This…

In Sunny Florida


The cold weather is almost over…


Water is sprayed on the plants to form ice around them to protect them from below freezing temperatures.

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7 Responses to Who Knew? I Would Need This…

  1. jacolily says:

    We have a heated mattress pad. I love it!

  2. Steve says:

    That's crazy. This global warming is getting out of hand, isn't it? : P

  3. java janie says:

    I think you accidentally packed the cold weather with you when you headed back to Florida! You also took the warm weather too. I think you ought to come back to Maryland and set things right!

  4. Grandma-P says:

    We also have a heated mattress pad, we can sleep in a nice warm cacoon.

  5. Grandma-P says:

    A Person would think so if they listened to Gore. I believe the earth goes through seasons.

  6. Grandma-P says:

    I'll send you a package of warm air via Fedx. I really would if I could. ;o)

  7. Artzy Lady says:

    Ok, that's strange… freezing ice on plants to keep them from freezing… makes perfect sense. Or not. Does that really work?

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