His heart must have been completely broken after losing his wife of sixty years.  The loneliness must have been more then he could bare.  The eighty six year old gentleman couldn't face this world without his wife.  He wrote a note to his four children left it in his neatly cared for apartment.  He then went out, walked to the stairs, took off his glasses folded them laid them on the floor, slowly climbed over the rail of the stairwell and fell to his death seven floors below.
I have pondered this story since reading about it in our town paper here in central Florida.   I saw the building when returning from the Post Office the other day.  I can only imagine the pain and anguish he was in after losing his wife but now his children have to deal with losing their father.  They will also have to deal with the what ifs and the guilt.  It is hard not to judge and think he took the easy way out, but God tells me I am not to judge.  He (God) is the ultimate judge.
I wanted to share this, even though I don't agree with what the lonely gentleman did, but I believe it speaks of a love thats missing in some marriages today.  Oh, I'm sure in their marriage they had their ups and downs but they stayed together until death did they part, and it is evident their marriage was bound by LOVE.  The note said he wanted to join his wife.

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