TV Debacle

A very close relative of mine whose identity will remain nameless because I am a very loving, kind and caring person who would not want to embarrass said person.  Lets just call this person Duh,  Duh stopped by the house the other day and I said, "hey Duh, while your here, can you help with moving some TVs?"  Duh said "sure".
After Duh had moved TVs and had visited for awhile I mentioned it would be nice if he could hook up the cables and satellite  dish to the TV in the master bedroom.  Duh looked at me and assured me with a big smile on his face that he had already connected everything.  I was very surprised and thanked him.  Now keep in mind Duh makes a living connecting very important equipment together with cables, wires and such as.  (sorry I just couldn't help myself with the such as)  Later in the evening I decided to watch TV in the Bedroom but alas the television appeared to be broken no sound no picture no nothing!  As some of you have probably guessed by now no …
Oh, I haven't said anything to Duh because I wouldn't want to make him feel bad sooooooo … if you guessed who it is don't tell him,  OK?  It will be our secret.  ;o)

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