Random Picture Monday

I thought I would post this picture for your viewing enjoyment.  First I must add a disclaimer – this person is in no way related to us nor do we even know her.  And now without further ado may I present…..
                                                                            Scroll down
                                                                            Are you ready?

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9 Responses to Random Picture Monday

  1. jacolily says:

    I think that would fit better for SOPT!

  2. LaCresha says:

    OMGOSH!! She could be related to George Burns.

  3. Kelly says:

    That's unfortunate on so many levels.

  4. Janette says:

    Whoa! She appears to have done a lot of sunning and smoking!

  5. Mello says:

    Oh, that is scary.

  6. Steve Betz says:

    Why Grandma-P WHY!!! My Eyes!! MY EYES!!!
    (Effective for both RPM and SOPT)

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