Random Picture Monday

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7 Responses to Random Picture Monday

  1. java janie says:

    Yup, that's random.

  2. I think it's police related, because I think that's the long arm of the law. What a horrible joke… sorry

  3. jacolily says:

    Lily just said, "what is that"?

  4. Rick says:

    I almost wore that exact same outfit today! What are the odds? That would have been embarrassing!

  5. Shelby says:

    Oh, my. Horrible. But hilarious.

  6. Steve Betz says:

    Whoa — um, errrr. Ok.

  7. Janette says:

    For some reason this reminds me of the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz… I know, I need to lay off the caffeine.

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