Random Picture Monday

One of Rob-P's favorite pictures.

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4 Responses to Random Picture Monday

  1. Steve Betz says:

    I love lighthouses — and that picture in particular!

  2. ilox says:

    A lovely picture but with possibly a sad ending to it. The story I have been told was that the picture was the last known picture of the lighthouse keeper.It seems a photo shoot of lighthouses was going on from helicopter out in the wild seas around Britain. Apparently the keeper came out to see what the helicopter wanted because it was normally a lonely outpost with very few visitors. Unknown to him there was a giant wave building up in the ocean to the other side of his lighthouse. As you can see from the picture, only moments after the picture was taken that area where he was standing would have been awash with all the monstrous force of the ocean.The helicopter crew never saw the man as they were too far away and it was only on publication some months after that somebody put two and two together and realised that they now could surmise with some accuracy why the keeper disappeared.I was told this by the staff at a photo shop selling the poster of this picture. I don't have any knowledge other than what I have posted.

  3. ilox says:

    Oops, there I go, post a message, and then do the research which eventually proves that I was quite wrong. http://www.alphapix.com/jument.shtml will show the full sequence of photos taken of the La Jument lighthouse back in 1989. The lighthouse is located off the West coast of Northern France.There are 7 photos in all and the keeper is shown as closing the door in the last frame, just before the huge wave engulfs where he was standing only seconds before. This animation shows the size of the wave as it engulfs the lighthouse: http://www.alphapix.com/LaJument.movMy apologies for getting this wrong.

  4. Grandma-P says:

    Thank you so much for the information and the web sites. I never new anything about the picture other then the fact I liked it.

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